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Our Virtual Summer Enrichment Program (VSEP) is divided into 3 sessions:

Session 1: June 29 - July 17

Session 2: July 20 - August 7

Session 3: August 10 - August 28

Each session will cover major foundational skills and content that we have determined to be of highest priority, based on our regular students throughout the school years and summers.  However, content will not build from session to session to allow for students to join at any session.

Each Session's weekly schedule with all Zoom links can be found on the appropriate Grade pages:

Grades K-2

Grades 3-6

Our VSEP Goals are three-fold:

  1. Provide a holistic, interactive, learning experience through academic, enrichment, and Bible classes, while maintaining a good balance of virtual and physical materials;

  2. Connect students from Boston and the Greater Boston Area to each other and to older high school students, who will serve as Teacher Assistants; and

  3. Regain as much of the lost learning time from COVID-19 closures.

Parent/Family expectations

Please read through our expectations for our parents, families, and other caregivers who will be with your children while they are participating in our program.  You can access the slides below on this PDF: Set Them Up for Success

student expectations

Below are our guidelines for students when they are on Zoom with us.  Please review these expectations with your children.

If students are choosing to be disruptive or uncooperative, they may be removed from the Zoom class by the teachers, which will affect their Friday Clubs privileges.

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