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Meet the people working to fulfill our mission

Our Staff

Pasang Drolma

Executive Director

     Born in a tiny mountain town in the Tibetan plateau, Pasang traveled and lived in different countries to pursue her education & build her career. She came to the U.S. to obtain her second master’s degree in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University and worked at World Education Boston for 10 years before she joined ACCESS as the Executive Director.

     Pasang’s professional experience, interpersonal skills, spiritual vision, energy, and passion for the Chinese community motives her to serve the low-income immigrant population. Pasang is a natural-born dancer and self-trained artist. She enjoys cooking, home decorating, singing, and painting in her spare time. 

Annie Tran

Director of Children & Families

     Born & raised in Boston, Annie sadly never obtained the Bostonian accent. She graduated from Simmons University with a degree in Biochemistry, but soon realized that her true passion was serving underserved children & families. So, she left her lab coat & test tubes behind for children's books & playground balls. 

     Motivated by big visions & dreams, Annie works to empower the next generation to rise up and invest in those younger than themselves, hoping to see this continue on for generations to come. She spends her free time coddling her cats, DIY crafts, and playing video games with friends at her home church.

     Along with our staff, we also have 6-10 paid teachers who have significant prior teaching experience. They commit to serving more than 20 hours a week in our Children's Programs throughout the year. Read our Annual Reports to find out more or Contact Us with any questions. We'd love to get to know you! 

Our Board of directors

simon nip.png

Simon Nip



Wilfred Chan


JBC 20190625.jpg

Joseph Cheung

Board Member


James Lam

Board Member


Carol Liao

Board Member

victor lo.png

Victor Lo


     Our Board consists of founding members of ACCESS and long-term donors. They are inspired by following Jesus' footsteps: living among the common people, especially the poor & marginalized, teaching love by example, sharing their joys & sorrows, and providing for their needs.


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